Japan truckmaker Hino says emissions data faked for 20 years

  1. Unfortunately, this kind of shit is widespread in a variety of industries and not just in Japan. You don't make the numbers, even the impossible ones, you get fired. Unfair work environments lead to lying and distrust, and the buck should stop with management setting unrealistic and naïve goals that result in people being pushed to give fake numbers.

  2. Several years ago my spouse got fucking ostracized by her management for developing a model that predicted with almost perfect accuracy the output of their company for the next year or quarter. The number was dead on but it was lower than the board wanted.

  3. If my company did that, I'd quit. I was involved in a major emission reducing project and particle emissions were really reduced by 85%. We had to fight the regulation agencies anyway, because the process has huge variability and inspection is done with random sampling. You don't want to get fined for having two bad days in a row.

  4. And thats still not what killed Mitsubishi as a brand… the damn insane loans for anyone with a SSN alive or dead

  5. Caught? A few. How many were doing it? All of them. Who will face punishment for it? The poor when they can't get food or water anymore. My money is on 65 years till the water riots.

  6. but if you live in Japan, Japanese people would say you that this is a lie, because Japanese are the best and they don't do this shit, but hey, we are all humans at the end....

  7. Until the rich face real punishment for this sort of thing, like life imprisonment instead of fines, it will just continue until the earth bakes us.

  8. The things some people have long term sentences for is crazy when you see the absolute nothing punishment this will entail.

  9. I work in a steel plant in the US. Does japan not have outside company that specifically goes around testing emissions. My plant gets a very hefty fine if we dont go under a certain level. Last time we got a fine we spent close to a million on a RTO to clean it up.

  10. I don't think it's so much that we can't trust anything "anymore" as it is that we never could trust anyone. When the system is designed around making the most money possible, people will lie, cheat, and steal their way to the top.

  11. My company leased a Hino a few years back, they are the biggest pieces of shit. Nothing but constant problems, even the windshield wipers stopped working several times. It's not surprising they're liars too.

  12. You probably got a lemon, they are Toyota’s heavy truck division, and normally put out an insanely reliable product

  13. We're seeing rampant fraud in all industries and including the pharmaceuticals. Anyone else find it alarming none of the major cable news networks like fox, cnn, msnbc reported on Alzheimer's data being deliberately falsified? Honest and moral people have been beat into submission because of liars and corporate greed. We need to take back our economy, our media.

  14. https://www.google.com/search?q=altzhiemers+research+false&rlz=1CAVARX_enCA971&oq=altzhiemers+research+false&aqs=chrome..69i57j0i13l2j46i13i199i465j0i13l3j0i13i455j0i13l2.7589j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

  15. When your entire corporation is tied to fossil fuels by the hip, and the industry is swinging towards alternatives you’ve failed to/or, were unable to invest in quickly enough, they’ll say anything to keep up appearances.

  16. One could think that there would be some third party inspector who tests these things for a living... Maybe even government branch.

  17. I'm already preparing for the possibility that the science will realize it's already too late because the numbers they worked with were only a fraction of the actual pollution.

  18. I miss the old Japan. In the old Japan these guys would have to commit suicide to apologize and save face. Now they just bow deeply. Lame.

  19. 300,000 vehicles, that's all? VW was ~450Million in the US alone, 11Million+ total. I still pass VW lots daily.

  20. As long as companies can earn money for fucking everybody and get rich doing so, they will. They don’t have to face real consequences anywhere. Take away 20% of their turnover for ONE major crime like this, make them face personal consequences as well and see how quickly it will change. As long as rich people and companies can get away with everything by lobbying the corrupt people in power, things will continue like this all over the world. Not just Japan.

  21. They tried to drag US engineering firms into the scam as well, running secret engine calibrations during testing that engineers weren’t told about

  22. Not surprising. The rich and the powerful long managed to pay everyone off and make people believe in harmful diets and the idea that farting animals cause global warming, successfully deflecting scrutiny from their cars, power plants, factories and other shit.

  23. They could always do it with a Cummins or something else. (Hino themselves puts Cummins in some of their trucks)

  24. Government scientists make unrealistic numbers - know nothing about real world. Car makers fudge readings to match mythical government numbers. No government scientists check the manufacturer data because it is commercially sensitive.

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