Kim Jong Un 'Seriously Ill' In North Korea Covid Surge, Says His Sister

  1. I dunno she made him appear weak. Narcissists tend not to react well to that. She might pull a Jeffrey Epstein and 'commit suicide'

  2. There is something strongly attractive about a woman who has the power to have rabid dogs disembowel you and your family for three generations because you slightly annoy her.

  3. She’d be fairly attractive if she wasn’t destined to become a ruthless dictator with the blood of thousands on her hands

  4. She is indeed married, and her husband holds an important position in the military, as is tradition. In fact, I am pretty sure they are a power duo. It's unlikely she can maintain hold on the military by her lonesome.

  5. I made a chicken and avocado tostada with a side of airfried corn on the cob dusted with paprika and smeared with a light dab of mayo. Out of cojita😥

  6. He’ll come back looking 10 years younger with Dennis Rodman by his side. He’ll write a letter to 45 when he’s in shackles and describe how he misses his intel from classified documents and then…. Never mind. NK is in hell already, might as well take a step down the ladder into the next layer of hell when he finally kicks the bucket. There will be monuments everywhere while the people eat paint chips.

  7. John McCain, now deceased, but a Republican Senator (and Presidential candidate against Obama), called this boy a ‘Fat Boy’

  8. I found it very concerning when there was talk of North Korea sending 100,000 artillery soldiers and equipment to Ukraine. Not so much I believed it could happen.. but their artillery can easily outrange ours. How does THAT happen?

  9. Big, fat, smoking loser was sick boo hoo. His sister is going to end up assassinating him and taking his place. To this I'd make a wager on.

  10. ok so now if kim dies his sister takes over. following the trend of sociopaths running the country we all know where this is going

  11. Kim has been terminally ill since 2016 and I know people can last awhile but we don’t even really know he’s sick is the point.

  12. I mean if they don’t try to move him to China or send in a team of Chinese doctors and equipment it’s either he’s not that ill or she killed him.

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