Russia damages almost all Ukrainian thermal and hydroelectric power plants

  1. I was about to say, as an Energy Control Operator for a city of 70,000+ people in the United States who is in control not only the electrical grid(monitoring substations, circuits, turning people on/off and sending out the lineman and their apprentices to trouble calls) I also monitor the water system and wells/tanks, (same responsibilities as electric) and the gas system, me and my coworkers started talking about the Ukraine situation and the attacks on the utility infrastructure. We are in a secure location but it's just a building. Anyone could find it on Google maps. We got to talking about how easy it would be for terrorists to to royally fuck up the power grid.

  2. Ukraine has good air defence cover, they can't intercept everything but they can spot it coming. The only real hazard to responders is sub munitions.

  3. i am in Ukraine now, yes we have sometimes blackouts, but almost every shop, coffee, and other business have generators, we know who cut our electricity it's ruzian animals. They made bots in "telegram" to spread panic, they even can't do good translation to our language, they think we will start blaming government, but effect is opposite, dumb Ruzland

  4. This should tell you why there is increasing calls for diplomacy with Russia from the West. The West doesn't want to escalate the military aid and Ukraine can't/isn't allowed to attack Russian territory. So if Russia wants to, they can lob missiles all day and all night at civilians even if they lose the occupied territory. Eventually the attrition will cause a toll. They have no qualms and endless munitions to do so (even if what they launch is low tech or outdated it doesn't matter, they dont need precision).

  5. I don't think russia targeting the substations while technicians are working is that big of a concern ukraine can detect missile launch and move the technicians out before they hit

  6. We need UA to have long distance missiles to strike inside Russia. Deep.... Take out critical infrastructure. Fuck Russia.. They need a bloody nose.

  7. I don’t understand international laws, but I don’t see how they can be enforced without starting WWIII when it’s Russia attacking.

  8. The answer here is a distinct and emphatic, it depends. Because Russia is attacking these sites specifically to cause harm to civilians it is. But you can legally attack power stations in war if it has legitimate military goals. During Desert Storm in 1991 the coalition forces hit Iraqi power stations and communication nodes in Baghdad specifically to cripple Iraq's ability to respond effectively during the push into Kuwait. A similar situation in 2001 Afghanistan with NATO hitting similar targets in Kabul in order to weaken the Taliban's ability to respond and coordinate.

  9. It likely is criminal, at least in terms of Protocol I (1977; amending the Geneva convention) - both Ukraine and the Russian Federation have ratified it. The US does things covered in the Protocol, but they are pretty open about it and never ratified due to that reason.

  10. Neither Ukraine nor Russia are state parties to the Rome Statute and therefore normally the ICC does not have any jurisdiction- in order for a crime to be committed there must be laws. That of course doesn't make things right, you could make murder legal and then say you have eliminated crime but things wouldn't be better.

  11. I don't get why they would intentionally damage critical infrastructure if they claim its Russian territory. Wouldn't they have to repair everything they damaged if they won?

  12. Energy grid is a valid war target. As are bridges. In reality though considering winter and how many civilians might die from this... It's a a grey area. It probably depends on who you are rooting for.

  13. Not a war crime it’s on par with siege warfare. Anything that can help the army be it on the front line or the rear is a legitimate target.

  14. It’s war….. sucks but unless we want direct NATO involvement not much to do…. Historically attacks against civilian populations just increase the will the resist.

  15. They explained it on Russian tv, that they tried to come forward to their Slavic brothers, but instead with flowers they were welcomed with violence by the nazi regime and the society is too deeply brainwashed to be saved, so it needs to be destroyed.

  16. Russia isn’t a free country, so now they’re going to liberate someone else? What a joke, it never even passed the straight face test.

  17. This was always about resourses only. And i am kinda tired of explaining it to the people who think there are some ideological reasons behind it. Putin wants the grasp on rich natural supplies, but oligarchs from Ukraine wanted to profit from it as well, so they organized a revolution to overthrow Putin's puppet president. Putin got mad about it, and started using the only method he knows - violence.

  18. It is a war on all of Europe: Putin knows that tens of millions of Ukrainians will be forced into other countries in order to survive the winter, continuing his long-term plan of destabilizing the West.

  19. In Syria they were bombing bakeries, specially at the time people would go out to buy their bread.

  20. Well thanks, i work at one in Ukraine. Not only we have to deal with this bullshit power shortages while the dough is rising now i have to worry thay they will target us just cause the bread is attracting people! Jokes aside, there are tons of examples that i saw here that support this. Massive attacks during our national holidays, civilian buildings hit as well as roads used to transport goods (our city saw massive upscaling of trucks as we have a river port connecting us to the middle of Europe)

  21. That’s always been the russian military’s MO. They can’t really fight, they win wars by flattening cities and murdering every civilian they see.

  22. They also bomb humanitarian aid places in Ukraine at time that have the most people there. It is happening every day.

  23. They are already to some degree in Belgorod. But I don't think it's wise to do this when Russia is attempting to convince their citizens that this war was an effort to avoid the invasion of their territory.

  24. Sure let’s start a nuclear war. Great idea. Because now it’s either that, Ukraine gets completely destroyed, or a peace is negotiated.

  25. Genocide where? Like calling everyone who voted for Trump a NAZI, you actually desensitise the word genocide when you use it for every war crime.

  26. This is exactly what the general now in charge did in Aleppo. Scorched earth all the way and hope their adversaries lose the will to fight on. I still don’t understand why Ukraine can’t hit Russia back. If shit starts exploding in St. PB and Moscow things will change. Shut the Russian power grid down and see Putin hanged.

  27. For all those who believe that bombing power plants is a legal target, I want to ask a question, do you know for what purpose they are bombed? Why are transformers bombed in places where there is no railway and why are railway bridges not damaged? In the city where I am now, the Russians have been trying for a week to get into the solar power plant, which, attention, fed the bus stops. At the same time, more than 14 houses were damaged.

  28. Because America did it in Serbia, Iraq etc etc. Anyone who is anti-Russian because Russia is bombing power stations, needs to be anti-American.

  29. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. The time to arm Ukraine with long range missiles has passed. Return the favor to katsapland tenfold!

  30. I live in Finland and years ago I thought that if Russia some day attacks Finland, we are really in a trouble, if they start to bomb our power plants. This was often in my mind when I saw those power plants. You see, here in Finland we have strange things in the air. We feel what is going on in Russia and what might happen. Later you notice that the feeling was right. Something pops up in the news and you realize that this was the thing in the air. This phenomenon is something mysterious.

  31. During war, this kind of infrastructure is the first thing attacked. Just like factories being bombed. Part of defence doctrine is to prepare for that and retaliate.

  32. I wondered why Russia just didn't do this when the war started. Then it came to me that when it started, they were trying to conquer a nation and annex it without rebuilding infrastructure.

  33. I say we just never lift the sanctions. Let's give Russia 100 years to demonstrate they've learned how to act like decent civilized people and then revisit the issue.

  34. I wonder if Ukraine could order smaller, more mobile gas turbines that GE produces. Maybe order some that could be mounted to the back of a truck, deployed, and quickly hooked up to the grid as needed. Actually, that's not a bad idea because that could be very useful in any disaster or wartime situation.

  35. How about punishing war crimes by sending wave after wave of hit squads to eliminate putler, his cronies and the faces of the propaganda machine.

  36. I heard something about how this is in part designed to disrupt their rail lines and then as a result their logistics and resupply operations. The terror is a intended side effect, but it seems like there is some military utility to it.

  37. Regardless of what power it uses, when your country has no electricity, your logistics for a war effort gets fubar'd, supplies don't just magically materialize onto diesel trains for example.

  38. The end result is you divert power to military instead of civilian infrastructure and the military can continue doing all they need. So not much use after 8 months in terms of military use

  39. If Russia was a person, they would be declared a criminally insane homicidal psychopath, locked up, and the key thrown away. There is no excuse for this behavior.

  40. Ok this has gotten dirty huh, ok now Ukraine gotta really hit Russia where it hurts anything goes Russia continuely attacking Ukrainian civilians now they hitting there power grid, because Ukraine is running cycles around them on the battle field weak!! Now it's eye for an eye, Russians disparation is really showing now, Ukraine keep your foot on there necks intil the bully is defeated once and for all fight on Ukraine ✊

  41. So russia should totally bombard the US, UN nations. As they have fucked off the agreement that was put into, after the collapse of the USSR. Now that that has happened, He is super passed that the un wants to move their.. missile systems, literally on the door step. Tell me if Russia, Cuba, Brazil, and whom ever in South America stationed misses in Mexico The US would not be doing the same. Only Russia has help yo their end, well they did.

  42. Trash terrorists. My parents don't have electricity for 5 days, and they both are disabled old people. Fuck russia, fuck putin, and fuck pussy silence russians.

  43. The reason why this doesn't work is because it was done too late. Putin should have done this at the start, not this too late, because now it's seen as an act of desperation by Ukrainians rather than some sort of shock and awe or demonstration of power.

  44. This was the done earlier because when you occupy a territory, you still need functioning utilities etc. Ppl still need home, food, energy etc. If you destroy everything, then it's also worthless and you need to rebuild them all.

  45. Not sure why they keep doing this. Maybe I’m assuming things, but I have a feeling most Ukrainians would rather live in a log cabin at this point with only wood stove heat rather than live under Russian rule. Seeing family members and friends brutally killed will kind of do that to you. :/

  46. They are attacking a country anyway so why bother with some useless law that no country respect when they go boom other country ?

  47. Let Ukraine attack interior targets with our weapons, if they are going to keep killing civilians, all bets are off fuck them.

  48. Ukraine needs a counter-offensive deep into Russia to send the message. This was such an un-provoked war. It has devastated the lives of millions and continues to do so...everyday.

  49. People should remember this when talking about how Russia is losing and the war is close to being over. What it means is that Russia will turn to increasingly destructive methods. Even if they do lose, the country will be reduced to rubble. If only peaceful negotiations had been seriously considered from the get go. But here we are.

  50. The amount of people here pretending usa wouldn't do the same and that usa also doesn't commit war crimes just as much as russia is hilarious. I know the majority of ppl here are from USA but that's what my country would do to if at war, every country would, its war. Except for the war crimes part ofc.

  51. Connection of another grid to a destroyed grid doesn’t change much for those who are served by the destroyed one

  52. In Europe we are already talking about restriction of Electricity so we potentially don’t even have enough energy for our home. And anyway Ukraine people will flee to the west and it will be an other issue to deal with.

  53. Russia is trying to make all Ukrainians immigrate and Ukraine to become the dead zone between Russia and the west. 1/4 of the population is already out. Another 1/4 dead or out by the end of the winter….all this because Zelensky cannot get along with a superpower. Oh well🤷🏻‍♂️

  54. Russia is a bitch nation, unimportant to the world. Putin is threatening to take all of Europe even still. He's not going to get anything outside more humiliation. No one is going to allow Putins conquest to be successful.

  55. Compromise will only encourage russia to invade again. It’s like thinking giving a bully lunch money will stop them from bullying you again.

  56. There are so many current and ex world leaders that I can't wait to see their asses get kicked. With all the bullshit going around, we are hitting a limit.

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