Old miner shows how to light the mines

  1. Fun fact! Since these lamps had a bad habit of igniting coal dust and other flammable gases found in mines, a future lamp design called the Davy Lamp used wire misses as a flame dampener. As long as the mesh was intact the flame was less likely to cause accidental detonations and was nicknamed the “Safety Lantern”

  2. Mine explosions were actually where explosion proof electrical equipment started. Now that equipment is used all over the world in the oil and gas as in Mills etc.

  3. Yes, it's calcium carbide -it produces acetylene, and in a confined space it can definitely cause explosions, I'm surprised your teacher let you use it in middle school

  4. My great grandfather hit a methane pocket coal mining and got burnt. Never worked another day and died a few years later. I wonder if one of these lit the fire.

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