Just started playing again for the first time since Legion, my dad decided to give me some 260 gear and legendaries for when i hit 60. Love the old man.

  1. Logged on my old toons some time back and found the mail my mum used to send me. She passed early this year and it was as heartwarming as heartbreaking.

  2. I have one of those items, not from my dad but still: there was this character I played with back in Vanilla. Some day I got a mail with like 30 gold or so and a message: „I left the game out of time issues, thank you for all“

  3. Imagine having to sit in the same discord server as the guild makes jokes about femboys with your dad. I can live without that.

  4. That’s awesome. I just sent my son a bunch of stuff too, he came back to retail after staying in Classic for a long while.

  5. My uncle (playing wow since before I was born and was ranked 2nd on the european leaderboard back in 2005) literally just helped me do all my challanges and raids when I started playing on my own account last year. Its really fun to have a family member to play games with. My dad also plays fifa with me occasionally.

  6. So weird to me seeing dad's actually call their kid "son." To me that always seemed like something they do in movies to really drill the foundation of the two character's relationship. My dad has always called me "pal."

  7. My dad only calls me son in really like serious "I miss you" or "I love you" moments. Usually it's just "pal" or "man" or my name, but like when I used to call on the weekends in college, he would always finish with "I love you, son".

  8. I mean you described what usually happens in 95% of these posts. Someone writing himself a mail claiming to be familymember xy.

  9. It such instances which make me question whether OP just made it up himself. It's like those really bad fake texts where the contact name is "Boyfriend" or "Girlfriend" or "Brother"

  10. Maybe because... it's fake, and he just mailed his own alt to farm Reddit points? The guy is apparently 18 years old, but also somehow a 29 year old marine.

  11. My dad calls me son all the time. I do the same for my own son. It's not that weird or uncommon. Shit, even my grandpa calls my dad son.

  12. My dad regularly calls me Son. Only ever uses my name if I've done something wrong even when I'm now in my late twenties.

  13. If I had to guess, one of the rings is a 262 crafted BoE, the other is a Shadowghast Ring, the neck is a Shadowghast Necklace, and the cloak is a raid BoE or something.

  14. I haven't cried since the last time I looked in the bathroom mirror, but this right here had me drying my eyes and nose with the same tissue.

  15. This is nepotism. As you can see the economic system are created extremely unfairly and generate a caste system of players who can provide and sustain each other, while those outside the caste get left behind. Wait wrong subreddit I think I’m lost.

  16. nah he got more sentimental after i joined the marines and started calling me son more, i thought it was weird at first too

  17. Fuck I don’t even have 1 friend at all no body to call to hang out with nothing no gf like my phone is literally just so I can search the web and play some games and music other than that I don’t think I’ve ever actually used it to talk or got a phone call. Only time I get a call is from a solicitor

  18. I was gonna say he gave you incompatable gear, but it turns out I misread your post. Hopefully, if WoW is still around by the time I become a dad, my child would end up playing it with me.

  19. Everyone starts somewhere! I'd take him up on the offer it's really fun and I'm sure they wouldn't mind showing you the ropes

  20. That's pretty cool. I am 31 now and still have fond memories of when my dad came home from work and we played Ghost Recon Co-op missions back on the original xbox together. He quit playing after Island Thunder but I just had him playing Forza Horizon 5 with my racing wheel last Christmas and he was like a kid again laughing and yelling when crashing.

  21. Wow, this brings me back. I started playing WoW with my dad right after it came out because he had been a big Everquest player, and he quit around Wrath, but he got me started and set up with everything I needed from Classic to TBC. Super wholesome, OP!

  22. Missed opportunity for him to say "my son, these items do not belong to darkness, they were forged in valor" COD 35 anima

  23. My dad and I play together and he does the same thing 🥰 I think they are just so excited to share the experience with us.

  24. My Dad and I had a bit of a tumultuous relationship growing up. He knew I could be something in life and pushed me towards bettering myself everyday instead of just wasting time playing games. I'd get so pissed. Then I had a daughter. I understood it after a few years. Now he plays games and I'm proud of who I am finally and I love my Dad immensely and am so glad hes still around to shoot the shit with. You got a good Dad OP.

  25. Damn that made me teary eyed and shit I am 33 now but my dad just drinks beer all day and some crack n when I was young I’d come home from school and all our shit would be gone because he pawned it all to smoke crack for a few days …wish my dad just played some wow instead of going on crack Binges every couple weeks

  26. KEEP THAT LETTER. Drag it out in game and put it in your bank immediately. My dad passed in 2018 and I would KILL for something like that, even if it is in a video game.

  27. That’s awesome. When I was around 6/7 in Cataclysm me and my dad leveled 2 paladins together. My dad mainly plays League now but I got him to play classic for a bit, was so much fun. I’m looking forward to playing wrath with him

  28. I haven't played since Legends of Azeroth but I still like to follow the goings and comings of WoW. I hope someday they will make it F2P (ha right). I'd like to go hang out in Winterspring for a day.

  29. My dad started playing WoW and got me into it, but then I surpassed him while playing with my high school sweetheart and I was carrying HIM through a dungeon or two :P He stopped playing long before I did. I might return for Dragonflight.

  30. Thats dope. Meanwhile i started playing wow 15 years ago because my dad was playing it and he has only played it once with me in 15 years and he is a daily player

  31. That's super awesome. I wish my Dad and I had something in common to bond over like this. Enjoy it and make time to group up with him, I'm sure it means a lot.

  32. I haven't talked to my dad in 5 years. He thinks pushing QAnon and other conspiratorial garbage 24/7 on Facebook is more important than his kids.

  33. That's wonderful, thankfully I am into PC gaming and have been for years, my eldest and I have been playing together since vanilla, it is a great thing to be able to have similar interests with your children, it brings you closer together and helps them by feeling comfortable to come to you with RL issues

  34. This is fucking adorable and I would cry if my Dad played WoW with me. Love the old man and watching sports with him. But gaming was never something we bonded over. Quite the opposite.

  35. My Dad played WOW, but he was terrible at it. I don't miss listening to him swear at the game, but I do miss him. His characters are still in my guild roster, so sometimes I think the dood is still running around causing havoc out there.

  36. Save that letter mate, so full of love. You can read that in the future when you need to. And enjoy your time playing with your old man! Having the same hobbies is awesome.

  37. I'm 42 and been playing since launch. My son is 21 and I got him started playing and raiding (AotC) with me in Legion. Last season he finally started to overtake me in DPS regularly and this season he healed our M+ team to 3k I.O. Let me assure you, from the dad side of things, we enjoy it as much as the kid-side does. My kid is one of the best wow players (all roles) I've ever played with now. Talk about proud dad feels. 🥲

  38. I'm having a son in 3 months. Can't wait to hopefully play games with him someday. Hope he likes the same games I do.

  39. I’m 31 and my mom is 66 and I play with her and help her through stuff. Me and my brother started in vanilla at 15 and 11 and she joined in little while after. She mostly does collection content but we’re both happy to carry her through some m+ or whatever she needs help with. WoW can really be generational. Now my 9 year son dabbles around in WoW and the 4 of us do some leveling together. Fun stuff

  40. For everyone out there who thinks this is fake I am on the record to say it is not because I am the Father who did this for my son why? I want my son to enjoy his time with me and the Guild we are in. He is far away and defending our Nation for the United States Marine Corps and anyway I can help and support Him I will

  41. My dad did this shit when we played together and I never saved them because I was too young to think about it in that way. Currently, I'm filled with regret for not chronicling almost every interaction that we've had. Anyway, you have a good dad and should keep this type of stuff in remembrance.

  42. Im a 34 year old dad playing WoW with my 9 year old daughter. Crushes me deep when she asks to play and we cant. Me from 2008 would leave work without telling anyone to go raid. I love that time with her I get in WoW.

  43. Plot twist: "Dad" is really just a 13 year old boy and this is actually the boy's attempt to tell OP he fucked his mom

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