New Thor Love And Thunder concept art features the entity Cyttorak

  1. I would have thought that would be a bigger deal than Cytorrak in this picture. I can only assume that didn't make the cut because no way that the MCU isn't using Big G for a future movie and should have a more impressive first appearance than just "guy in crowd".

  2. Is Galactus an actual God though. I know he's definitely God-tier with how powerful he was but does anyone actually worship him as a deity?

  3. Okay, I see Juggernaut, Galactus, Barney The Dinosaur and PopularMMOs. That’s who that big guy on the left of the top row is, right? PopularMMOs?

  4. I think you mean The Lich King from Warcraft since that's what his Minecraft skin is based on also i miss watching his channel i loved the Challenge Games and Epic Proportions videos i stopped watching after he and Jen broke up I'm thinking about buying their comics they made

  5. Everyone in the actual scene in the movie had a lot of powerful beings one of the them being a literally god dumpling with a cute anime face that looks like a Pokemon

  6. Would The God Butcher be able to kill Cyttorak i mean he's literally Unstoppable i know Gorr's whole thing is being the Marvel version of the God of War Kratos but there has to be a god he can't be able to kill

  7. This scene would've been insane if it made it into the movie. And for a movie that already had a lot of insane moments, I can understand why it was cut.

  8. Ganesha being included in it is definitely a strange message. Glad for the inclusivity, but you don't see Jeebus and Mo in the mix.

  9. Makes sense i mean Thor Love and Thunder feels and looks like He-Man it even has Thor's She-Ra Jane Thor which makes me think Taika Waititi would make a awesome He-Man or She-Ra movie

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